SIRI StopMonitoring Call

The SIRI StopMonitoring ("SIRI SM") call allows the developer to request information about the vehicles serving a particular stop.

SIRI StopMonitoring Request{StopID}&minutesout={MinutesOut}&onwardcalls={OnwardCalls}&filterroute={FilterRoute}&usertoken={UserToken}

  • StopID – The Stop to query. This number can be found on any UTA stop sign (e.g. 133054)
  • MinutesOut – The number of minutes away from the stop you want to query. Any vehicle that is this many minutes or less from the stop will be returned. (e.g 30 for 30 minutes or less away)
  • OnwardCalls – Determines whether or not the response will include the stops (known as "calls" in SIRI) each vehicle is going to make. To get calls data, use value true, otherwise use value false.
  • FilterRoute – Filters the vehicles by a a desired route. This is an optional value if the parameter is left blank all vehicles headed to the queried stop will be included. (e.g. 2 to filter for vehicles servicing route 2)
  • Usertoken – your UTA developer API key. Go here to get one.

For Example

Request URI:

This request URI is asking for all of the vehicles on route 2 with all of their onward calls. This request results in the following response:

<Siri version="1.3" xmlns="">
   <StopMonitoringDelivery version="1.3">
            <PublishedLineName>Route 35M (MAX - 3500 SOUTH)</PublishedLineName>
                <Direction>TO MAGNA</Direction>

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