Change logs for SIRI

Changes for 8/29/2013

  • Vehicles that have not had a GPS update within the last five minutes will no longer be returned by VehicleMonitor requests.
    • In the past, the last known location for a vehicle was always returned, regardless of the age of that information. If a vehicle lost GPS at a certain point and returned to the depot prior to GPS signal being restored, it might appear that the vehicle was still sitting out on a route somewhere. This fix remedies that situation.
  • StopMonitor requests can now provide both predictive (default) as well as scheduled stops.
    • Without including the new parameters, the functionality will work as it always has.
    • Add the following parameters to return predictive only, scheduled only, or both predictive and scheduled stops:
true true Scheduled time is returned if predictive time is not available
true false Only predictive time is returned
false true Only scheduled time is returned
false false EstimatedDepartureTime extension node will not be included in the return

For example, the following request will return only scheduled stops:

Changes for 6/10/2013

  • New Vehicle Journey Extensions
    • Bearing
    • Speed
    • DestinationName (End of Line) where not already implemented
  • Add XML header to the feed
  • Changed default value for ProgressRate for FrontRunner. Formerly it defaulted to 0, which is the SIRI standard enumeration for "Early". It now is 5, which means "Not Set".
  • Corresponding GTFS trip_id
    • The text "UTA_" was removed from all IDs where it existed. This includes <DatedVehicleJourneyRef> (Trip ID), <CourseOfJourneyRef> (Vehicle ID), <VehicleRef> (Vehicle Number). This change will make it easier to match IDs in the GTFS tables.

Changes for 3/21/2012

  • Fixed spelling on ‘DataframeRef’ tag from 'DataframeRed' under the 'FramedVehicleJourneyRef' tag
  • Changed ProgressRate from a binary flag to States flag.

    The values are as follows

    • 0 = Early - vehicle is running early
    • 1 = On Time - vehicle is running on stated to up to + 4 minutes 59 seconds behind
    • 2 = Late - vehicle is greater than 4:59 to 9:59 late
    • 3 = Critical Late - vehicle is greater than 10 minutes late
    • 4 = Critical Early - vehicle is greater than 10 minutes early
    • 5 = Not Set - no data available
  • Removed Trax vehicle tail vehicles. Each Trax vehicle will now only appear once per instance.
  • Add LastGPSFix under 'Extensions' in the 'FramedVehicleJourneyRef' tag.

Changes for 2/21/2012

  • Filtered GPS locations to only give locations within UTA's operation zone. Any gps data that would fall outside of this zone will now report 0,0. This change was to prevent buses from taking trips to Israel and Siberia.
  • Updated to allow 3rd party developers to submit blurbs about their applications.

Changes for 2/09/2012

  • DirectionRef is now a human readable output.
  • Added CloseStopMonitoring.

    Close Stop Monitoring is an extension to the SIRI API to allow developers to pass in a lat/long and get back the closest stops. Full instructions can be found here.

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